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About three years ago I started looking for a pair of totally wireless earbuds that I could wear at work.  I was so tired of wires!  Every time I would get up from my desk, I would forget that I had earbuds in and inevitably I would pull my iPod off my desk and onto the floor.  At that time, I couldn’t find a pair that was priced within my budget. (Let’s be real, I was just too cheap to buy them!). I just couldn’t see spending $200 for a pair of earbuds.  All the ones I have previously owned would develop a short in the “wire” and they would break.  I also had two teenagers in my home at the time, and it seemed like we were buying earbuds every week!

While I was preparing for my trip to Vegas,  which I blogged about a few weeks ago in my blog Las Vegas Anyone? I was searching the internet and Pinterest trying to prepare myself to travel to a place I had never been, I came across an ad for the Halo Powerbuds, and the price was under $100!  I bit the bullet and ordered them immediately, from QVC hoping they would arrive before we left on our trip.  Lucky for me they did!


When I opened the package I thought they were just beautiful, if you can ever say that earbuds are beautiful?  They are small, and compact, and then I realized that I could also charge my phone with the case they are stored in!  Hello portable power! I’m not sure if you can tell, I didn’t do my research before I ordered these.  I have purchased several Halo products, and I have always been very pleased with them.  I am a proud owner of the [amazon_textlink asin=’B01B6N52E8′ text=’Halo Bolt,’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’whatamusesde-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7ef375ba-1dc4-11e8-b50d-81bdd590e32a’] that I believe every woman should own.  I was just intrigued with the earbuds themselves, but after looking at them, and reading the manual, I discovered that the case will charge the earbuds, and you can use the usb to charge a cellphone, iPod, or camera.  This is the perfect item to travel with.

I charged them up and put them in my bag and was so excited to give them a try.  I did pack my backup pair of earbuds just incase I had problems with these, because you can never tell just how new things work for you until you’ve actually put them to use.  I should have also read the instructions on how to pair the dang things to my phone before we left, but I’m a smart cookie you’d think I could handle it, right? Wrong!!!! I had to google the instructions when we arrived at the airport, but I finally got them to work. LOL!  I did find this process a little difficult, because each earbud has to link to your phone, or iPad, and link together so that you can hear out of both ears.  It took me several attempts and I FINALLY got them to work.  I have seen several reviews since then that others were having them same problem.

On the plane may not have been the best place to try them for the first time.  They are definitely not noise cancelling! I did find them comfortable in my ears.  I can almost see that you would forget they are in there.  I have a few suggestions for Halo. It would be helpful to have “L” and “R” marked on the earbud themselves.  They verbally tell you which ear they belong in, and if you’re not fast at putting them in your ears, you’ll miss it.  I did every time! LOL! Although this is not a deal breaker for me.  I plan to continue to use them.


Thanks for stopping by my blog today!  I hope I have entertained and informed you a little while you were here. Let me leave you with this little bit of encouragement for today.

“You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.”  – Aristotle

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