Just Another Mascara Monday


Mondays require a little extra mascara! Ha!  I need something to make my eyes look like they’re ready to head back to work.  No, really I love my job, I’m just kidding!  It’s the getting up at 6:00 a.m. that I don’t like.  I do enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, and it seems that Monday always comes around too quick.

I was able to stop by Ulta this weekend, and I picked up a few new makeup items and hair products that I am currently trying.  Now, I must be honest, I’m not loyal to any one brand.  I really enjoy trying new products!  I tried selling Mary Kay and BeautiControl, but I just didn’t like being married to a brand.  I like to see what’s new and try it!  How will I ever know if I like it or not if I don’t give new products a try?

When it comes to mascara, there a two things that I am looking for… it must not irritate my eyes and it must be water resistant or water proof,  because my eyes water all the time!  I am constantly worried wheather or not I have mascara all down my face!  I have been buying Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced, for several months, but I am always willing to try something new.  I have been seeing some of the Vloggers that I follow talk about the new Badgal Bang mascara from Benefit Cosmetics.  So I wanted to try it.


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