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It’s Easier to Keep a Clean House Clean, Than It Is to Clean a Dirty House!

This is my personal motto for cleaning house, and I must be honest and tell you that my house is very much lived in.  If you show up at my house, I can promise you there is always something out of place. My Mom always kept everything clean, I have failed many times over the years, but before I got married, she led by example.  She had her list of chores and she did them daily.  She cleaned every bathroom top to bottom, the floors, she dusted daily, and always cleaned the kitchen after she used anything.  When I tell you, there was never a speck of dust in her house I mean it!  My Grandmother is the same way.  She cleans daily.  I didn’t realize until lately how OCD she is about a dirty house.  LOL! These women are shining examples of the perfect housewife.  They love what they do!  I however, do not love cleaning the house, EVER!  I have in the past, let my house go, when my children were younger and we had school activities going on every night, and I worked every day, so there was no time to deep clean my house every day.  At the time, I was doing good to wash the towels and keep them fed.

Today, however, it’s just me and my husband, and our animals, so my load of housework is a little different, but I want to give you women with young children some tips and tricks that I have learned over the years.

Keep your cleaning supplies close to what you use them, bathroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom, kitchen supplies in the kitchen. That way if you see something that needs to be cleaned, you can grab the cleaner and get it done, before you walk to another end of the house and get distracted by something or someone else.

In my house taking out the trash seems to be the chore that no one wants to do, and if it does get taken out, then a new trash bag never gets put back in the can. So, I recommend keeping a few extra bags folded up in the bottom of the trash can.  That way you can replace the bag as soon as you remove the full bag. (or the next person can’t use the excuse that they couldn’t find the trash bags. Ha!)

My mother-in-law comes to mind on this tip. Instead of sweeping the whole floor when something spilled off the kitchen counter, she keeps a small hand-held brush and [amazon_textlink asin=’B00DHHLAFC’ text=’dust pan’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’whatamusesde-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a918db16-0bb3-11e8-a63b-ddfcfc66318e’] in the kitchen and sweeps only the mess that she made, also if a liquid item is spilled, she will clean it up immediately with a wash cloth and her usual floor cleaner. Clean the small messes immediately so they are not tracked all over the house.

cleaning-washing-cleanup-the-ilo-48889Keep a [amazon_textlink asin=’B000QR931O’ text=’Swiffer duster’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’whatamusesde-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’65b06340-0bb3-11e8-bebe-d36016363b20′] in the car. Ok, how many times have you gotten in the car and noticed that your dash is filthy?  I started using a Swiffer duster in the car a few years ago, now I just leave one in the car.  It is great for dusting the dashboard, and if it’s already in the car, you can dust while you in line to pick up the kiddos after school!

My last tip is for those big garden tubs that are murder to clean. I keep a [amazon_textlink asin=’B016YWN5TU’ text=’magic erase’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’whatamusesde-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7c88ed10-0bb3-11e8-9feb-3589d881c377′]r with my soaps and razors, so that I can wipe the tub down, before I get out.  Now, I will deep clean the tub with Lysol or bleach once a month, but the magic eraser keeps the soap scum from building up in a ring around the top of the tub, and also, I can go around the edges and wipe them down as well before I get out. I also keep one near the bathroom sink, and as I’m bushing my teeth, I will wipe the sink down, killing two birds with one stone!

I hope you find these tips will help you in your daily lives.  Please comment back your house cleaning tips and tricks.  I’m working on a tips and tricks list for laundry next, so if you have any laundry tricks, I would love to share them.

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