Top 5 Things I Learned After Weight Loss Surgery

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  1. I can exercise – I must admit that I’m not the best at exercising, and I still struggle with this every day.  Before my surgery walking a short distance was a real struggle.  I live right next door to my brother and sister-in-law and just walking to their house was a chore. Now, I can easily walk a mile to a mile and a half in 20 minutes.  I know I can make that time better, but I’m not training for a marathon. LOL! I enjoy walking at a slower pace, and really clearing my mind.
  2. I can paint my own toe nails.  I admit here that I was a frequent visitor to the nail salon because I couldn’t bend down to paint my toe nails much less cut my toe nails.  Now, I can easily bend down and cut my toe nails and paint my own toe nails.  I have to say that I have fallen in love with Essie Nail polish.  It dries really fast and that is important to me because I always mess up my polish.  When I purchase polish it’s very important that the color is great and it dries fast.  My current favorite polish is called.
  1. I get overwhelmed shopping for clothes.  I have to admit here that I thought it was going to be very fun shopping again after my weight loss, but it really is overwhelming.  I had grown very comfortable shopping in the plus sizes.  I knew the brands that I liked, and they were always contained in the small section of the department store.  Now, I can’t find anything, just to shop for jeans is a chore.  I am not familiar with all the clothing brands today.  Good American jeans, Free the People, are just a few.  All the clothes in the stores are separated out by brand, I’m so lost when I go shopping now.  But I’m getting better at it.  I did find that Good American jeans are very comfortable, and I really like Old Navy clothing again.
  2. I can walk in heels again!!  I LOVE shoes, no really.  There is something to the saying “the shoes make the dress”. I have so much fun shopping for shoes.  Now here’s what I’ve learned…I can never have too many shoes.  Ha!  My shoe size did change, but not to that extreme.  I’ve ready some people say that their shoe size changed after surgery.  Mine did, but I’m back to the shoe size I was wearing before I gained a majority of my weight.  My feet before surgery would swell, and I don’t enjoy wearing shoes that were tight, so I would size up, and the style of shoes I would always go to were a slip on style.  I HATED the fact that I couldn’t bend down and tie or buckle my own shoes.  I can now, and I am loving the sexy candles and boots.  Oh the boots…. Here’s my current favorite pair.
  3. My personality has changed, but in a good way.  I realize now that at my highest weight I just wanted to hide in the corner.  I didn’t want to be noticed, I wanted to be the ultimate wallflower.  I picked the chair in the corner and stayed there all night, and heaven forbid that someone ask to take a picture.   Not any more,  I don’t mind talking to people all night, and as for the pictures snap away.  I’m also learning that selfies are ok! Ha!

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